puppy training

Collar Conundrum

What is one of the first things that puppy parents go out and buy their new puppy? A collar. And as simple as a collar may seem, the choices are actually endless. Collars with buckles, spikes, prongs, chains, bling, flashing lights, etc. Finding the right kind of collar that functions well seems to be […]

Puppy Social Success!

Socializing puppies at a young age is crucial. They learn so much by interacting with other dogs, people and contexts when they’re young, before they become cautious and wary of their surroundings. Its kinda like when we are young as children, we have no inhibitions about the world, more natural courage and a […]

A Little Goes a Long Way

The other day I got called up to the front lobby at work to help get a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy on the scale. She was fearful of it because she didn’t understand why it moved under her feet. Forcing her up there didn’t work and only made her fear worse. Both the owner […]

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