Sibling Syndrome

The concept of two is better than one, doesn’t usually apply to getting puppies. There’s something called “sibling syndrome” or “littermate syndrome” that applies to puppies that are raised from young puppyhood in the same household. The severity will vary between different households and the sibling puppies that are chosen, from cases that are […]

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My Liberty Lake Dog Training Community

A great, close-knit community is a strong and powerful thing. It takes a community for my dog training business to be a success and I’m thankful to have a one-of-a-kind Liberty Lake dog training community. As much as I would love to think that I’m a successful dog trainer because of myself, I know […]

The Importance of Positive Dog Training

There are many different kinds of dog training techniques out there. They can all be successful in creating a dog that knows commands and follows cues. But how a dog learns these training cues and commands is the key in the dog’s ability to retain the knowledge long term, as well as the willingness […]

The Lifesaver: Recall Training with your Dog

Yesterday while driving home from a private training session, I spotted a German Shepherd dog running free. It had bolted past her owner through their gate, out into traffic. I immediately stopped, grabbed some treats and ran to help retrieve this dog. She was nearly hit by a car twice and one person kicked […]

The Light Bulb

I love it when people have a light bulb moment, especially when it comes to how they interact with their dogs.

I’m a vet tech, so I deal with people and their animals all day, every day. Sometimes I get to chatting with them in the exam rooms before the Doctor heads in. Well, a […]

A Little Goes a Long Way

The other day I got called up to the front lobby at work to help get a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy on the scale. She was fearful of it because she didn’t understand why it moved under her feet. Forcing her up there didn’t work and only made her fear worse. Both the owner […]

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