A great, close-knit community is a strong and powerful thing. It takes a community for my dog training business to be a success and I’m thankful to have a one-of-a-kind Liberty Lake dog training community. As much as I would love to think that I’m a successful dog trainer because of myself, I know that my success is not just me. Many people have come through the wood works not only to become good friends of mine, but also those who’ve helped me grow and succeed. And for that I owe you all my deepest and most sincere thanks.

Most of  my dog training clients are in Liberty Lake, which in itself is a close-knit community. It seems like everyone knows everyone, and if you don’t know everyone, you at least know quite a few people. I think I run into someone I know every time I go into the Safeway. The closeness of this community I know has played a HUGE part in the growth of my dog training business. Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing and most of my clients have come to me based on hearing about me from a friend, relative, neighbor, their vet or local business owner. THAT is an amazing thing, which I really know has to do with how wonderful this little city is. A few people deserve a shout out.

Julie Clark and all the other veterinary staff at Liberty Lake Veterinary Center are the very best at supporting my dog training. A lot of the people who come in have behavioral questions about their dogs, which I’m always happy to go in and help them as a part of our overall service. I also am able to use the clinic as my way to offer dog training classes, without that opportunity I wouldn’t be as strong or successful dog trainer in Liberty Lake. Mental and behavioral health is just as important as physical well being, which the Doctors and Staff at LLVC have all the bases covered for our beloved dogs. I’m proud to be a member of that work family.

Mara and Carl who own and run Pawpular Companions have been supporting me from the time I moved here, a little over three years ago. They not only help their clients find the very best high quality dog food, treats, and toys but they go above and beyond what you’d expect from a little mom n’ pop pet shop. They coach people on proper nutrition from the very first bag of dog food, all the way to years of healthy pet longevity. Quality is the top priority they both have for their own products and they expect the same from the people they refer out to other dog specialties. The fact that they recommend me to their own clients really makes me feel great about the work that I do with dog training. If you haven’t been in yet, please go!

My clients deserve the most thanks of all. The people that I’ve met and worked with and even become close friends with, I wouldn’t be here without you all. From helping me with website re-vamps, to help with my contract forms, to sending me dog training referrals, you guys are priceless! Keep the word spreading about the positive dog training experiences you’ve had while working with me. I work for positive reinforcement as well, and the best reward for me is to have you tell your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers who need help with their dogs to give me a call. Not to mention I offer a referral program for my existing clients that spread the word!