Positive reinforcement builds strong, trustworthy relationships and bonds between dogs and their owners.

Trust is a necessary foundation in every dog-human relationship out there,

Building that trust is what positive reinforcement is all about.

Puppy Socialization Program

This is not your typical puppy preschool class. While learning to sit and lay down are important, this class will shape your puppy into the well mannered, patient member of society that every dog should be. Your pup gets to socialize and play with other puppies in a safe environment.

Please call (509) 720-8608 or Click Here to register.

One-on-one Dog Training in Liberty Lake

We offer private, in-home training or behavioral sessions for dogs. These sessions are for owners that need help with their dogs for a variety of reasons.

Please call (509) 720-8608 or Click Here to set up a private session.
Private sessions come with full phone and email support as well as detailed session notes to ensure success!
“I was most impressed with Natalie’s approach to manage the behavior, her suggestion not to discipline Bailey was spot on, as I had tried that and found it only escalated the tension. However, Natalie helped us be more aware of Bailey’s body language and how he was trying to communicate with us.”Marie Brumfield

With Natalie instructions of 4 classes, we are so pleased with the results; we now have a much quieter and better behaved puppy, with much more relaxed parents. We are thankful. We now think back and wished we had called her much sooner…”Larry and Ricci Phipps

“I have recommended Natalie, as a dog trainer, to others and will continue to do so at every opportunity. She is excellent in this field of work and would be an asset to all who call upon her expertise.”Cindy S. Brumfield

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