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When Bailey, my 6 year old English Springer Spaniel, suddenly started exhibiting agressive behavior towards myself and my mother I was confused with how to manage it. My usual goof ball dog, had a temper and was acting out. I was heartbroken, and very concerned that some day he might do actual harm to someone.

Thankfully,  I heard of Natalie’s service from a family member and asked for her help. I was immediately impressed with Natalie’s calming demenor and interaction with Bailey. Natalie took her time assessing the changes in Bailey’s enviroment that might have contributed to his aggression.

I was most impressed with Natalie’s approach to manage the behavior, her suggestion not to discipline Bailey was spot on, as I had tried that and found it only escalated the tension. However, Natalie helped us be more aware of Bailey’s body language and how he was trying to communicate with us.

The tension is gone, we are all getting along much better now, and I seem to have my relaxed goof ball dog back again!  I am very grateful to Natalie, it is very apparent that she cares a great deal about her clients..both human and canine!  Thanks again Natalie for bringing my Bailey boy back to me!

Marie Brumfield




We are thankful and like Natalie Sinton and her puppy training techniques.  We now think back and wished we had called her much sooner…

We have a Westie puppy” Daisy” (3 months old then) she was very high strung, and out of control, for sure we thought we had a “she Devil”, Daisy has no idea of how close she was being sent back to the breeder.

With Natalie instructions of 4 classes, we are so pleased with the results; we now have a much quieter and better behaved puppy, with much more relaxed parents.

Natalie came to our house for the training classes, always on time, she gave homework for Daisy parent’s to practice with the puppy,   what I also like, she sends e-mails the following day of a recap of instructions that she told us, we like this because we can go back and read what was instructed.

We continue with a daily training for Daisy and it is working out great.  We love our Daisy…

We recommend Natalie for puppy training anytime; she sure helped us tremendously.

Thanks again Natalie.

Larry and Ricci Phipps



I was introduced to Natalie through my daughter who both work at a veterinary clinic in Liberty Lake.  I was in with my Staffordshire puppy about to leave when Natalie came up to my puppy, Shiloh, with treats.  Shiloh is aggressive toward food but Natalie seemed to know exactly how to remedy his aggressive attacks on her hand.  As she calmed him with this technique she talked about what she was doing with him, thus the education of both owner and dog began.  She also said that she was a dog trainer and would like to help with Shiloh if I was interested.  After watching her with Shiloh, I knew she would be very helpful to us both.

I’ve known Natalie for about nine months and have had her training Shiloh and I a few times.  All the sessions went extremely well.  Our first session, was at my home at her request, knowing that this is the best place to assess puppy behavior as well as my actions or reactions.  She came promptly and ready for the hour of training with my puppy.  She was considerate of what avenue I wanted to approach first, giving me the option of first sitting and just talking about Shiloh and any problematic areas I have with him.  We then proceeded to the basics of asking Shiloh to come on command.  She was well equipped with training gear and treats for this session as with all the sessions we had together.  The response in this training session was immediate and remains to this day.

Natalie was never quick to respond to my questions but seemingly took the time to consider my puppy’s character as well as mine before answering this showing her strength in assessment of individuals and situations.  She is always very willing to have future sessions and more than happy to make arrangements with me on her days off from work.  She obviously has a passion for working with dogs when she’s willing to cancel a ski trip to accommodate my schedule.  I also believe that her training fees are amazingly most affordable which also shows her love and passion for this kind of work.

I have recommended Natalie, as a dog trainer, to others and will continue to do so at every opportunity.  She is excellent in this field of work and would be an asset to all who call upon her expertise.

Cindy S. Brumfield




Natalie, I want to thank you for working with Kalli.  When we first got her from the pound, we were questioning ourselves about whether we made the the right choice for having another dog.  She was to say the least, a huge handful.  She is a big dog, and full of energy and into everything!!

We have always tried to have “pound dogs” as they are the ones that need a good home, but at our age, we were hoping for a more relaxed dog.  We obvously needed help – and our vet suggested you – and thank you for working with her!!  We have always loved her – and we are the kind not to give up – but it was a task.

She is now part of our family – spoiled to death of course, and still a handful at times – but we are sure it was your guidance and training that has helped both us and her.  She is now friendly to all who come into our home and is a big lap dog!!  I want to truly thank you for that.

At some point in time, when things settle down here, I am sure I will need your assistance again and have recommended you and will continue to do so.

Thanks again,

Janis Lamont



Hi Natalie-

I’m happy to say that Gracie is doing quite well!  She is becoming a loving and loyal pal not just for us but for the grand kids    also! She is of course still a puppy and we know the work goes on.  Its so exciting to use what you taught us and see the change in her behavior. She keeps giving us gentle touches on the hand whenever she wants something and then sits and waits. I am working on the leash thing and I think she has a ways to go there.  Exercise is a must and that seems to be the one thing that’s hardest to find the time to do. Thanks for your help and continued interest. She really is a great dog!





Shaggy and Scooby are very energetic dogs and like to bark at every little thing they see.  They also have several other bad habits.  We heard about Natalie and were excited to see if she could help us.  It was obvious once she arrived that she was very good at what she does.  She had our little boys sitting at attention right away.  Natalie was very hands on and gave us specific tools that we could use to change our out of control pups into nice obedient dogs.  Natalie was also great at following up and calling to see how things were progressing.  We continue to use the tools that she gave us and are so thankful for all her hard work.

We highly recommend Natalie!!

Jeff, Tanya, Kylie, Korbin, Shaggy & Scooby

We rescued our dog Cricket from rough circumstances at the age of 9 months and she had a few issues, anxiety and lack of confidence among them.  Cricket also became extremely attached to me which could be inconvenient.  However, none of these issues was ever severe enough to cause significant concern.

That changed however when my family moved to Liberty Lake from Southern Idaho a year ago.  Cricket was traumatized.  She refused to go for walks or runs, activities she normally loved, and her anxiety and attachment issues were out of control.  Every time I left the house, Cricket would throw herself against the closed door trying to follow me.  She would howl and cry until I got back whether I was gone two minutes or two hours.

I am so glad I hired Natalie.  Her suggestions and techniques are excellent.  She is well educated and knowledgeable, and extremely empathetic to both dog and owner.  Best of all, she is effective; within a week or so of instituting Natalie’s suggestions Cricket  began going for walks.  Cricket’s anxiety levels are markedly reduced; she has even fallen asleep in my absence.  Thanks to Natalie, my dog is calmer, more confident and better adjusted than before we moved.

Jeanette Rice




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