Puppy Socialization Program

Bulldog PuppySocializing our puppies is very important for many reasons. Well mannered puppies who are polite, patient and who communicate well turn into the best life long companions. Starting out confident and comfortable in every situation is key in keeping a dog calm, well behaved, and can keep a dog from developing behavioral problems later in life.

This program focuses on real life scenarios, encounters, and experiences such as polite and proper greetings, handling and grooming, meeting wheelchairs, crutches, umbrellas and big hats, and other things that dogs may run into later in life. Other areas of focus will be on impulse control, total recall, crate training, and potty training.

This is not your typical puppy preschool class. While learning to sit and lay down are important, this class will shape your puppy into the well mannered, patient member of society that every dog should be.

  • For puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months of age.
  • No size/breed limits.
  • Puppies will be matched with similarly sized/tempered puppies
  • Your pup gets to socialize and play with other puppies in a safe environment.
  • Puppies must be current on their vaccinations and deworming.
  • Classes are limited to 6 to allow our instructors to closely monitor playtime.
  • Families with children are encouraged to attend classes and participate with training. Children under 16 cannot train a dog without a parent or guardian present.
  • Sessions focus on polite play time, intermixed with real life skills.
  • Come prepared with lots of high value treats and rewards for your puppy!
  • The total program is 6 weeks long
  • Located in Liberty Lake
  • Classes last 1 hour
  • Cost: $225

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