Puppy social Socializing puppies at a young age is crucial. They learn so much by interacting with other dogs, people and contexts when they’re young, before they become cautious and wary of their surroundings. Its kinda like when we are young as children, we have no inhibitions about the world, more natural courage and a drive to learn.

Providing safe, controlled environments for puppies to learn and experience life is very important. If we can control how our puppies meet, interact and socialize with other dogs  in a closed environment, they learn how to properly communicate in real life especially when they’re tossed a curve ball.

Practicing these skills before the age of ~4-6 months is the window of opportunity. Exposing puppies to as much as possible in a controlled, safe way will prepare them for what the world is like.

Not to mention it’s just plain fun to watch puppies play!

Puppies Playing

Sometimes communication looks scary to us people, but to dogs its completely appropriate. Canine body language shouldn’t scare the puppy owner!